April 20, 2023 – June 3, 2023

InLiquid Gallery
1400 N. American St.
Philadelphia, PA 1912

Gallery hours:
Wednesday – Saturday, Noon – 6 PM

From the Inliquid website:

Admiration of anatomy

Karen Hunter McLaughlin and Patti Dougherty both create representations of nature that demonstrate a deep admiration for the scientific composition and symbolically impactful physicality found within nature. Hunter McLaughlin celebrates the symbiotic relationship between plant and fungi, while Dougherty studies universal forms as a symbol for the passage of time, at once both animating birth and decay.

The artists in Crafting Nature all depict the various ways humans interact with the natural world, whether collaborating, admiring, and pondering, or designing, shaping, and constraining nature. The artists ask us, what is our impact on the earth? Or perhaps more significantly, how does the earth shape and change our own permeable selves?”

Inliquid, Crafting Nature Installation view

Work by Inliquid members;

Patti Dougherty (Painting)
Michele Randall
Mary Powers Holt
Kimberly Stemler
Kathran Siegel
Karen Hunter McLaughlin
Jeremy Waak
Francis Beaty
Christy E. O’Connor
Barbara Straussberg
Amy Sarner-Williams