In 2020, I started using an app called Artivive to create augmented reality for some of my pieces. It allowed me to finally combine my digital and analog worlds while enabling me to add a 3rd dimension to the work.

The Augmentation is generated using animations created using Adobe After Effects.

Shadow Connections

Rust Print with Watercolor Medium and 24k Gold Leaf. Augmented Reality using Artivive App

Shadow Connections was create for, and exhibited, in Golden Thread, a solo show at Abington Art Centerr

It contains work that has been paired with augmented reality (AR) using the Artivive App. The animation began as a created in Adobe Illustrator, and Procreate on my iPad, then brought into After Effects to be animated.



Rust Print with Watercolor Medium. Augmented Reality using Artivive App

Superpower was create for, and exhibited, in Interconnected, a group show that reflected each artist’s relationship with the more-than-human world.

Close your eyes and conjure the feeling of becoming the dust of the universe- the star particles that are part of all of us. The “all” that has no taxonomy, particles that have been here for millennia and will be here long after we’re gone. Imagine deep, dark spaces where mycorrhizae mesh with all living things. Look for transcendence in the mystical corners of your mind. In this I empower you to find soothing hope and a catalyst for healing whatever you need healed.


Augmented Reality using Artivive App

Several pieces of Over Understory were enhanced with Augmented Reality using Artivive. The augmentation for these prints allowed me to extend the movement of the work, a key concept in the series, into a 3rd dimension. Artivive allows the viewer of the art to use its app to see the work with an added, animated layer.

View the animation without the app above, or using the Artivive app (MUCH cooler!), click the images below to enlarge and point the app at the image on screen. Sound on.


Micorrizal Connections

Kinship was an installation using augmented reality (AR) in High School Park, Elkins Park, PA. Signs were placed at chosen trees around the 11 acre eco-park with cards registered to the 3-D animations via the Artivive app. Kinship highlights the micorrhizal network under the feet of all trees, speaking to the connections we all share. The images used for the Kinship AR were post processed in Photoshop and embellished to enhance the contrast for registration in Artivive.

“There is a world under the earth full of magic and mystery. It holds the consciousness of nature’s connections to all living things.” -Fantastic Fungi

To view all the Kinship augmented works in Artivive. Grab the app here and point your phone at the screen images above. Turn your sound on.

Pen Meditations & Digital Procreate drawings

Created to the ambient music of Philip Glass and Brian Eno