Created during a print residency at Cheltenham Center for the Arts. Several prints also contain augmented reality using the Artivive app.


Art in the Time of Corona

There are real reasons why. Because I’m stuck here. Because I can’t work as normal. Because I have to do something. So I take what I have and I cut.
I seek to remove : I remove to seek.

Small Monoprint series

7″ x 10″ layered monoprints. Connections are the ripples we make. They move outward in an ever-expanding, interconnected tapestry.

Large Monotype series


Full sheet, 30″ x 43″, and half sheet prints – My mortality, my ancestors, and a deep connection to our shared past, are all explored in this work. The spontaneous yet corrosive properties of rust, along with a rare cache of 19th century family photos, capture the disintegration of life, family line and traditional feminine place.

Indigo/Rust Series

This work snuck up on me in a quiet moment of reflection.  These prints might be cloaked in tragic blue Caravaggio shadows, open circled in the universal symbol for incompleteness, climbing allegorical hills, sinking from ubiquitous dilemma or rising to a lust for hopeful times.

Rust, Graphite & Collograph

Handwoven steel wire vessels create many of the rust prints in this series.

Archived- Embellished Block Prints

Series draws upon the disintegration of natural images photographed by the artist in digital format. Karen alters images, degrading them into basic form and line. These images become a focus of the block prints made with polystyrene plates and embellished with acrylic, ink and pigmented pencil.