Augmented Reality

Several pieces of my Over Understory solo exhibition were enhanced with Augmented Reality using Artivive. The augmentation for these prints allowed me to extend the movement of the work, a key concept in the series, into a 3rd dimension. Artivive allows the viewer of the art to use its app to see the work with an added, animated layer.

To view in Artivive, grab the app here and point your phone at the screen images below. You can also view the animations directly below.
Turn your sound on.

View the animation without the app above, or using the Artivive app (MUCH cooler!), click the images below to enlarge and point the app at the image on screen. Sound on.

OverUnderstory, Split, Karen Hunter McLaughlin
OverUnderstory, Karen Hunter McLaughlin
OverUnderstory, Interrupted, Karen Hunter McLaughlin