About Karen Hunter McLaughlin

Karen in a lifelong Philadelphia artist currently working in painterly monotype prints and augmented reality. Read more about her work and history HERE

Karen, lifting a monotype plate for Pricilla is the Rising Sun

Traveling through layers: of time, space, attention, matter, energy- my work is a layered representation of these depths. We’re all traveling toward an ultimate destination. As the aging daughter of a mother who left early, and a father who is living a long but declining existence, my being in the world, and the art I create, is often a metaphysical examination of my journey.

Rust is an exemplification of earth, age, deterioration. Through augmentation of the work, my aim is to free the 2D elements– transcending the immovable– to create autonomous, ethereal sensibilities. I often use music as both inspiration and to aid in the work’s feelings of euphoria.

Layering allows the surface of my prints to be built up creating deep depths and rising hopeful symbols. The passage of time is an elemental concept that is represented by the movement through the dark layers obscuring previously visible marks into the open spaces to which they evolve or degrade. The act of corroding rust allows me to create beautiful line and rich area darks with an appropriately decomposing process. It’s work that needs to be made slowly, methodically, patiently. It suits me right now. The process is persistent and specific, yet yields amazing surprises. I can steer, but the often unexpected results are exciting and freeing. They compose me as much as I compose them.