Biological realities are never black and white. Why should the stories and metaphors we use to make sense of the natural world–our investigative tools–be so? Might we be able to expand some of our concepts such that speaking might not always require a mouth, hearing might not always require ears?

– Merlin Sheldrake, Entangled Life

Symbiotic Colony (detail)
44″ X 30″, rust print, walnut Ink, and watercolor mediums (pencil & paint) on Rives BFK

exploring the natural world

Rust Prints and Mixed Media

Work motivated by a fascination with the mycorrhizal network – the symbiotic association between the plant world and fungi. Drawing on the deep connections between trees, plants and mycelia– how they invisibly share what the other lack, how they rescue each other.


Karen- Hunter-McLaughlin, Micorrhizal Growth

Micorrhizal Growth, rust and watercolor mediums on paper, 30″ x 22″

Events & Exhibits



Interconnected, Awbury ArboretumJanuary 2- February 26, 2023Opening Reception Wednesday, January 4, 5-7PM Awbury ArboretumThe Francis Cope HouseOne Awbury RoadPhiladelphia, PA 19138 Interconnected features artwork by Artessa Alliance members Brenda Howell, Colleen...

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Artessa Holiday Event

Artessa Holiday Event

Fri, Nov 11, 2022, 5:00-8:30PM at Elkins Park Train Station
Every year my artists’ collective hosts a very popular event and sale featuring the work of local artists during the holiday season. Come out support local arts and stock up on holiday and Thanksgiving gifts. I’ll be offering small 6″ botanical prints at several price points, framed and non-framed and some card sets too (new!).

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Destruction & Growth

Destruction & Growth

Michorrihzal Growth
Group show at the Old City Jewish Art Center, 119 N 3rd Street Philadelphia, PA.
The exhibition explores ending and beginning, destruction and rebuilding, grief and resilience as inspired by Tisha B’av.
First Friday Opening, August 5, 2022, 5 – 9 PM

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Karen Hunter McLaughlin, Ripples

Ripples, multilayer monoprint on Rives BFK, 22″ x 30″ 

Ripples, 22″ x 30″ multilayer monoprint on Rives BFK.

Multilayer Monoprinting

Using a library of symbols that mimic the movement of nature; flutter of leaf, ripple of water, scatter of seed– their ebb and flow. Viewers are invited on a journey where time is a central objective. Ambient layers are a spiritual meditation through the depths of the natural world.