Communal Mycorrhizal Network

A Digital Art Installation with augmented reality
July 10-August 8, 2021, Artist talk July 10, 10AM.
Friends of High School Park

“There is a world under the earth full of magic and mystery. It holds the consciousness of nature’s connections to all living things.” -Fantastic Fungi
Karen Hunter McLaughlin, Ripples

Ripples, 22″ x 30″ multilayer monoprint on Rives BFK.

Multilayer Monoprinting

Using a library of symbols that mimic the movement of nature; flutter of leaf, ripple of water, scatter of seed– their ebb and flow, the artist invites viewers on a journey. Time is a central objective. Ambient layers are a spirtual meditation on a life lived in one place.

Ripples, 22″ x 30″ multilayer monoprint on Rives BFK.








…The passage of time is an elemental concept in my newer work that is represented by movement through dark layers that obscure previously hidden marks…

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